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Hope Faculty:200 followers and whats next!

Firstly we would like to thank all the followers, visitors and viewers of Hope Faculty! Every follow and view is one great hope blessing that encourages the Hope Faculty Members to continue to strive and make the network get to the stable place so we can achieve our goals.

Hope Faculty also wants to announce that we will move into the world of audio and vlog content very soon which will allow you to visualise the true messege and aim of  the Hope Faculty platform through inspiration knowledge and truth. A truth that is pure in hope and goodness for the benifit of the regular decent loving humans of this earth.

Thats Hope Faculty!

Hope Faculty: 100 Followers

Hope Faculty:100 followers

Hope Faculty would like to thank all my readers, likers but especially Followers of the Blog for passing this great milestone.

What 100 followers milestone mean to Hope Faculty?

  • You first 100 followers have allowed all involved with Hope Faculty to feel vindicated that all over the world there are good people wanting to bring and spread positivity through hope.
  • 100 Followers has given Hope Faculty the motivation and energy to continue and strive for what we believe because of that support.
  • 100 followers showed Hope Faculty that the Human spirit is still alive and striving for what is right and hope
  • 100 followers validated to Hope Faculty that there is a lot of like- minded people who care and push for good and truth especially in this hectic world which seems to be only promoting and drowning in negativity
  • 100 followers have shown us the power of the Blog community.
  • 100 Followers already shows the network is growing, and even better it has an international flavour with people from of all backgrounds.
  • 100 followers have allowed Hope Faculty to start implementing phase two. (phase two of Hope Faculty we will become more active in producing Hope through our ventures and putting it into a Hope faculty Fund so we can do good deeds in the community, we will do this by showing and showcasing are own strife, problems and work we put into growing the blog, website and network, so we can grow and achieve while spreading the message and access of hope.
  • Hope Faculty followers are all individually viewed as an individual beacon of Hope that shines bright within and without who also represents Hope in your own community that’s why you are very important to us, and it’s this solidarity and love that fuels Hope faculty to continue

Thanks again to all our followers and contributors to the Network and keep up the love and unity and more importantly keep spreading Hope to the ones without.

That’s Hope Faculty.



Hope Faculty : Girl found being raised by monkey’s!

If you have not been in the news media this week, a child was found in India who apparently is around eight years old and walked on all four because she had been living or been raised by a troop of monkeys but it’s still early in the investigation to know the whole truth.

What fascinates us at Hope faculty as this is not an isolated case, through out the history of time their has been many other instances where children have been raised by animals. If you go on YouTube or google and search they will even give you a top ten(we know it’s crazy). All these stories start in a dark place with the abandonment and rehabilitation of the child, but what we want to focus on is the hope aspect hidden in many of these type of cases.

  • The fact that an abandoned child left essentially to die away from society was kept alive, taken in and fed due to wild animals, just reminds us of Hope manifests in different ways
  • The incredible power of the mind  especially in a survival situation to manifest into a survival instinct through communication and physical adaptations to fit the environment and essentially keep the human alive.
  • The fact that these wild animals at some stage saw the innocence and decided not to be wild but the opposite by helping, being gentle, showing love,showing emotion and in some cases fighting for their human. Showing they essentially saw the person as one of them, making them fully acknowledged and integrated in their complex animal society.
  • The evidence of nurture. These children in these cases were not happy they were being rescued, it was the opposite. They were being taken away from what they know and were showing and going through the mental and physical traumas because they wanted to go back. And that’s the mystery because no one knows what the living was like on a daily basis but we do know they were surviving and living.

That’s Hope Faculty






Hope Faculty Salute! To the partner of someone with a Mental Health Problem.

To the partner of someone with mental health problems:

We know it’s hard because sometimes the person you met, fell in love with and care about may have changed a little; they now have ups and downs. They are the person you love one day, then can turn into someone you may not understand, but one thing is for sure you know you still love.

Love is the key because you love, you care because you care you want to help, you step up to the plate , you learn and educate yourself in the condition, you empathise so much you share and know the worries . You do your best; always try making them feel comfortable, you are here for them.

You will find days you are consumed, a relapse, things don’t seem to be moving forward you still put on a brave face, you still comfort, you are still their rock. You can’t relax, you can’t show weakness, you can’t scream in frustration. You can’t air out your own concerns and worries about the future because they seem selfish.

But that’s just it, you don’t leave, because even if they don’t know! You have been ready for the battle, you’ve known this since the day you first met, because you still see the person you Love.

There’s not a lot of gratitude when your in these situations that’s why Hope Faculty salute you!

That’s  Hope Faculty