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I carry on because i can’t give up!

That’s Hope Faculty!


Remember you cannot loose hope, even when your at your lowest! You were born a winner and make sure you always have a ray of hope that will guide you out the rut. KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE!


Hope Faculty Quotes: Malcolm X

“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”

Malcolm X


The honourable Malcolm X was a great speaker and leader of the African American Civil Rights struggle and movements. At the start, he could be considered as very militant for the cause but for his own-self, he grew into an educated, well travelled leader seeking the truth for his own enlightenment even if it became humbling and changed his path eventually costing his life.

That’s Hope Faculty

Hope Faculty: Why war!

Hope Faculty wants to know why do these government superpowers always want to take humanity down the path of destruction with war! Time and time again these people in power would rather lock horns over an agenda with tit for tat spats threatening to start the final spat that ends all.

Goverments are spending billions in the war industry, the finances and technology are forever rising and getting better, war drones can be controlled by Xbox pads,16 million doller bombs are being manufactured with names like  ‘mother of all bombs’ actually implying the next level up of bomb is nuclear (crazy). Bombs and the war industry creates and only leads to death,oppression,poverty and a general strain and drainage of the environment. For humanity it’s a general destruction off all positivity and well being as a whole.

Hope Faculty questions why would nations take each other to the line, when you know its nuclear destruction for mankind. There is a different way , the path of love, hope and unity. A great starting point to understand, improve and enjoy our planet.

Thats Hope Faculty

A clouded mind is a disturbed mind; a clear mind is a healthy mind.

Hope faculty is all about the empowerment of the individual, and a main part of achieving this starts with having the right mind-set.

A clouded mind is a disturbed mind; a clear mind is a healthy mind.

Today’s society is full of issues that are clouding the individuals mind , but what’s worrying is the created  pressure and illusion of keeping up with the Joneses/ Kardashians .A generation getting dragged into being upset, ungrateful, unhappy, shame fearing, fantasists , feeling of falling behind, self-centred  ,socially anxious, socially inept and confused all under the banner of social media entertainment ! Why and what for Hope faculty asks:  Yes its entertaining but what is it communicating ,If you think out the box  you realise the entertainment world is put together ,so it’s not real life! And real life is actually more entertaining with the situations it throws at you.

The Hope faculty knows is impossible to go up a mountain forget all possessions and meditate a clear mind but you can add things to your schedule that can help you reach clarity. There are many mediums and outlets which have always been here in and around human nature. People meditate and do things like yoga, Taking drugs/ stop taking drugs, listen to music or wanting and acquiring knowledge through study and history .Hope Faculty wants to be another outlet clearing the mind by promoting the good to generate Hope in the world and empowerment of the individual.

Hope Faculty wants to help clear the mind also by through principle of sharing knowledge, love, morals and hope! By being a place where people can see real people being actively seeking to live well and most importantly free the individual from being dictated to or held by their environment.

That’s Hope Faculty


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